things to know about canadian people

Canada has already celebrated its 150th birthday in the year 2017, which has been marked as a year of great celebrations and fun planned for entire twelve months, but, still, people can feel the charm and freshness in the air. It is no surprise that Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but, there are many things you need to know how Canadian follows the culture and tradition of this place without any hitch. Before visitors immigrate to this country, they must acquaint themselves with the Canadian culture. Here are some facts to know about Canadian tradition and ethics. Have a look at them!

Initially, Canadians are not Americans

People living in Canada always hate being considered an American. Though, their country has some incredible and beautiful scenery, but, the most remarkable geographical spot is the border, which separates them from the United States. Canadians are nowhere alike Americans, and one shouldn’t be mistaken with this fact. Being a Southern neighbor always gives a unique identity to the Canadians who always follow a different set of rules and regulations than the citizens of US.

Canadians are known for their friendly nature

If you are standing in the local streets and looking confused with certain things, then a Canadian hand will always come for help within a few seconds. Someone will surely read your puzzled face and will offer help without any hesitations. And this is the reason why Canadians are famous for. People staying in this city always like to make strangers as their friends, and if you throw a glance at the bars, then you will mostly confront gangs full of crazy people and young souls. Friendship is what matters the most to the Canadians.

Laws are priority

Unlike the other countries, every individual staying in Canada is abides by the laws. However, international students are also advised to follow the rules and regulations of this country without giving excuses. In addition to this, drinking and driving are also restricted by the Canadian government, and moreover, consumption of any alcohol is too illegal. Thus, before you reach this country, familiarize yourself with the changes and law, and determine how different you are.

Mannerisms and casual dress up

Most of the Canadians love to dress up in a casual manner expect any special occasion, parties and wedding ceremonies. It is quite common and basic to find a high school girl in baseball hats and denim jeans. However, using slang’s as well as cut words in the conversation is not a new thing for the citizens of Canada. But, on the other side, when it comes to addressing an elder or respected people like teachers or adults, Canadian never forget their principles and treat them with formal speech and approaches.

Interest for other languages

Canadians are always considered as keen learners and love to know other foreign languages and cultures. Though, they have a different accent of speaking English, but, that don’t hamper their interest and skills of learning various other languages in the world.

Canadian love freedom

People living in Canada always want their freedom and don’t like someone who creates hurdles and hampers their personal space.