Amazing Stuff about Canadian People

Canada is no doubt one of the most beautiful and gorgeous Country in the entire world, which people always dream about. Culturally enriched and traditionally adorned, Canada has many things to explore, which would give unforgettable memories to cherish for the entire life. Apart from this, travelers or visitors would surely confront some wonders in this country, which are hard to get at other places.

Starting from the Niagara Falls to glitzy downtown’s, skyscrapers to glittering streets, you would get everything in Canada, which is breathtaking. Amidst these scenarios, Canadian are quite different than others and hate being called as Americans. They have their own sets of rules and cultures, which are typical and far beyond than your thoughts. Have a look at what are the most famous things among the Canadian people today.

Canadians watch hockey

Canadians love to watch and play hockey, whenever they are free from their boisterous lifestyle. However, they consider hockey as a favorite pastime sport, and an official logic to howl or screech at the television. In addition to this, citizens of this country always prefer to watch hockey matches in the weekends and never try to miss a match, which is arranged at the regional, local and national level. The atmosphere in the stadium becomes more sporty and enthusiastic with the rise in the number of audiences.

Eating lobster in the Shediac is the familiar thing for Canadian

The maritime city of Shediac, the New Brunswick, is widely popular and regarded as the “lobster capital of the entire planet.” However, residents of this country feel proud, and travel miles to eat lobster. Lobsters lovers would love this place, and the town’s festivals become more charming with the addition of this dish creatively and innovatively. Hotels deliciously prepare lobster, which can surely bring water from your mouth. Want to try it once?

Drumheller Badlands

This place is located in Southern Alberta, which is famous for certain facts and evidence about the dinosaurs. Drumheller becomes popular during the period of the 1800s when the surveyors have discovered new things about the dinosaur fossils and skeletons. There are more than 400 skeletons are still unearthed in this place, and people are digging it every day to reveal some truth. Kids find this place more interesting and funny and often fight with their parents to see the dinosaurs.

People eat poutine in the Montreal

Poutine is the most preferred dish in Canada, and Canadians always make it clear that Poutine is different from the disco fries. However, it is a French-Canadian dish, flavored with some fried, gravy and cheese. The key ingredient of Poutine is mostly in the curds, and some solid pieces of the curdled milk are produced as an end product in the entire cheese making method. Canadians just love to eat this dish whenever and wherever they get so. Foodies will appreciate this dish as the gravy covered with curb look fabulous and delicious to eat.

Niagara Falls

Not only people from Toronto and other cities of Canada visit Niagara Falls, rather wide number of visitors always count this place as their favorite destination whenever they visit Canada.